Five reasons that you should consider Professional Supervision

For this blog I am referring to Professional Supervision, which is supervision that occurs outside of your place of work.  Supervision remains a pivotal role in Social Work and Child Protection work but how many of us can say that we receive all of the necessary functions of supervision that we need to be strong …


Five ways to reduce Vicarious Trauma while working at home

When I heard that most Social Workers and Child Protections workers were being encouraged to work from home as much as possible, my mind automatically went to Vicarious Trauma and how the change to how we work might impact on how we experience Vicarious Trauma.  Vicarious Trauma (VT) is defined as indirect exposure to trauma …

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The what, why and how of supervision

If you asked everyone in social work, case work and other allied professions what supervision was called there would be many differing opinions; clinical supervision, professional supervision, peer supervision, external supervision,  group supervision or just plain old supervision to name a few. What exactly is supervision? The definition of supervision is complex and to those …