My name is Liz Andrew- Brake and I am a qualified Social Worker that is AASW registered. I have been working in the Child Protection field for the past 14+ years. I’ve worked in a variety of roles in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia in both government and non-government organisations (Child Protection Social Worker, Case Worker, Team Leader and Manager) and I currently work with an NGO as a Practice Lead for Child Protection. 

I am passionate about good quality practice in the child protection field and also about the professionalisation of Social Workers and Case Workers in Australia. I see career development, reflective practice and good quality support as key things that ensure that there are skilled workers in the child protection field which then leads to the most important thing- that we see positive outcomes for children, young people and their families. 

Alongside good quality practice I am passionate about keeping great workers in the child protection field and hate seeing people getting burnt out and not being able to practice to their full potential due to a high caseloads, lack of time and lack of quality supervision to name a few. 

I am also passionate about upskilling and supporting other professionals who work with children to help them recognise when children and young people are being harmed or at risk and I want to help them develop the confidence and skills to help children, young people and their families that they work with.  Increasingly more pressure is placed on these professionals to know and support families at risk yet I don’t think there is much acknowledgement that these professionals also need support with knowing how to manage their own wellbeing in this challenging role. 

I know there are lots of workplace pressures (I’ve been there!) but I see my work as something that can provide an extra layer of support to help you in your social work, case work and child protection career. 

Whether you are keen for a one off supervision or consultation with me, ongoing professional supervision or you are just here to read my blog and articles I want to welcome you to my website, I hope you stay to look around! Feel free to get in contact with any questions or suggestions of content to cover. You can also see my available times and book a session with me online. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter and to sign up to my email list to receive the latest articles and blogs.